Studio Policies

Let's Rock Responsibilities

  • To give your child the most hands-on and fun music education experience.
  • To expose your child to life-enriching experiences that enhance their enjoyment and desire to play an instrument.
  • To help students discover a whole range of music, styles, technology and creative endeavours.
  • To create lessons that are suited to the skills of the group and to design a program that takes into account the individual needs, goals, desires and loves of each student.
  • To encourage students to be curious and creative. I help students learn the music that they want to learn and play. 

Your Responsibilities

Please ensure your child is ready to start each lesson with:

  • their instrument (if appropriate)
  • required books
  • a great attitude
  • ready to listen to the teacher and rock out loud!

Encourage your child to play for you at every opportunity

Practice tips:

  • Practicing regularly for short amounts of time rather than one longer session is best. Eg 15 minutes 4 times a week is better than an hour once a week
  • for vocalists - memorise your lyrics
  • bring the instrument out of the bedroom and into the living room/social areas.
  • teach your part to another person or explain what you are playing/singing
  • have regular performances at home if possible
  • research other songs that would be good to learn and bring those ideas to lessons


Studio Fees

The monthly fee charged covers more than just the face-to-face time spent with you or your child. The fee also covers transcribing and arranging music tailored to your student’s skill set, organising performances, performance time including set up and pack up, individual tuition and make-up lessons and much more.

Unlike similar activities, Let's Rock does not charge fees for registration, books/materials, performance attendances,  concerts/gigs, or copies of audio/video of gigs/concerts.


Missed Lessons


If you are unable to make your lesson due to holidays, sickness, school activities or appointments, please contact me via email or text at least by 8.30am on the day of the lesson or earlier to secure a make-up credit.


Make up Lessons

There are regular "masterclasses" or catch-up lessons scheduled through the term so that you don't miss any lessons. 

If you have qualified for a make-up credit (see above), you can schedule a make-up lesson through the student portal.

Piano and Guitar students are able to attend most other classes scheduled during the week if they have a clash on their lesson day. Again, you will be able to book in to those lessons through the student portal.

Make up lesson credits expire at the end of each term and can not be transferred to another student.


Teacher Absence or Illness

If your teacher is away for your lesson, a make-up lesson will be arranged at a time that suits all students. 


Contacting Me

Parents and adult students are welcome to call me during business hours to discuss any matters associated with their education. You may also email anytime.


Media Release

From time to time, Let's Rock will use photos and short videos of students on social media platforms. These videos and posts are a great way to see the progress of yourself or your child and to applaud all achievements. If you do not want you or your child’s image(s) to be used, please email Let's Rock ASAP.

In general, students love to see their pictures and videos. They find it motivating and exciting to think that others are interested in what they are playing and are proud to read the positive comments from others. 

Students will be identified only by their first name.

The commencement of lessons and your or your child's continuation of participation in the program is deemed acceptance of these terms.